Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The world is about to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the day where those who don’t have a special someone in their life can easily feel very alone, lost, left out, etc. Let’s be honest, even those with a special someone in their life can find this day difficult. Life isn’t always easy, is it?

Last year I wrote about “The Perfect Valentine”, and why Valentine’s Day is difficult in many ways for me. In the year that has passed, I’ve grown a great deal spiritually, and I’ve emotionally healed a great deal as well. Or so I thought. 

A few weeks ago I noticed that I wasn’t sleeping well, I was easily frustrated, and I was having emotional meltdowns and doing weird things. It actually took a big meltdown where I let loose on someone, and hurt them, before I realized what was going on with me. Once I realized that it was likely all because the day was just around the corner, I apologized to my friend, and then apologized to God. I was able to let go and really talk to the Lord about it, and suddenly I knew how to survive:
  • Fill my heart with God’s Word in even more abundance than normal.
  • Spend more time in prayer for others.
  • Call on a precious friend for extra support.
I’m often a stubborn person, even when God shows me something. Yes, I know I’ll pay the price for not being obedient, but I have this sin nature that is filled with “issues”, and one of my biggest issues is stubbornness, and that’s closely followed by being lazy, and then there’s … well, I’ll let you imagine my other issues. ;-)

I’m excited to say that this was one time when I wasn’t stubborn. Now that I think about it, I should probably mark this down on my calendar and make it an annual celebration: the day Kimberly wasn’t stubborn. HA! Anyhow, I sat right down and sent an email to my dear friend and asked her to pray for me. We had prayed for each other in special ways during this past ‘holiday season’, and I knew that she would stand with me once again.

While I have many friends, God has blessed my life with the love and friendship of this lady. She has a heart for Him, a heart filled with joy, and a heart that cares about others. She and I have connected in so many ways, with similar likes and dislikes, and we even have a similar strange sense of humor. My poor friend. We are simply able to talk and pray and support each other. She’s encouraged me in so many ways, and I know that I can tell her anything and it will never go beyond her heart, and I trust that she knows the same about me. I feel greatly blessed that God sent this lady into my life.

For the past two weeks I’ve spent a lot of time reading my Bible, praying for others, and in particular I uphold my dear friend in extra prayer every morning and before going to sleep at night. The result is that my spirit is calm, my heart is happy; and even when my cold got me down (and whine about it I did!), I knew that God would see me through the day.

Prayer is a powerful weapon, and when combined with God’s Word and the support of other Christians, there is no limit to what can happen. If you are struggling right now, I hope you will reach out to the Lord and to a dear friend for support.

“…that is, that you and I may be mutually encouraged by each other’s faith.”
—Romans 1:12 (NIV)