Saturday, August 27, 2016

Nothing More Than Him

Today is one of those days—my birthday. It can be a day to dread, or a day to face with joy in my heart. Yes, my birthdays have changed. For 65 years my birthday was filled with fun and love and joy; and for 40 of those years, it was filled with a warmth that only comes from being part of a special unit: a husband and wife. That unit is no more and I was concerned that I would feel empty. After all, some days I feel like my life has gone from this:

Birthday pancakes by Mac

to this:

Yup, that's a worm that crawled out of the apple!

This past few months I pondered how I would deal with today. Bake myself a cake? That seems silly, although my taste buds like the idea. Fix a fancy dinner? Nah, doesn’t appeal, especially since I’m hand washing dishes these days. Throw a party? Too much work—yes, I’m basically lazy. 

Then it struck me that I didn’t need to do anything special. After all, the most important part of this day hasn’t changed. I belong to Jesus, and He is my joy, my love, my all. He comforts me. He loves me. He leads me. In Jesus I am complete.

“…and you are complete in Him”
—Colossians 2:10 (NKJV)

There is a song by Tom Fettke that tells this truth: Nothing More Than Him. Part of the chorus goes: “You need nothing, really nothing, you need nothing more than Him.” Would you like to know something strange? Sure you would. While I was doing all that pondering, I knew I had to sing this song as special music in church tomorrow—because it shares in song how my heart feels about my birthday. I’m praying that tomorrow I can sing this with a special joy in my heart, knowing that I need nothing more than Jesus; and I’m praying for those who will be listening, that they will also know that they need Nothing More Than Him.

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