Thursday, November 26, 2015

In every thing give thanks

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus
concerning you.”—1 Thessalonians 5:18 (KJV)

When I awoke this morning, I looked around my home and was really struck by how much I have to be thankful for in my life.

  • The crocheted afghan that Mac’s Aunt Bessie made when she was in her 90’s. It keeps me warm at night.
  • The picture that my dad colored when he was 9 years old: crayons on fabric, then ironed. His mom had it hanging in her home, and then dad had it hanging in his office, and Mac and I brought it home after my parents were both gone. We replaced the aging frame and now it hangs in my entryway over the dry sink that belonged to my mom’s mother. 
  • The “Balloon Seller” figurine that my mom so loved.
  • A punch bowl set for dolls that Mac’s mom cherished.
  • The photo of the pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay that we took on our honeymoon.
  • The watercolor of a ship done by a dear friend.
  • The cross-stitch sampler that I did many years ago, with John 14:2-3 as it’s centerpiece. Mac had it framed and it has always had a prominent place in our home. 
  • Next to the sampler is a cross. This hung in my parents home, and we brought it home and placed it in our home. At the time we put it up, we prayed as a couple and gave our home to the Lord. We did the same when we moved here.
  • Hanging next to to the cross is our wedding invitation that a dear aunt had painted and framed. 
  • There is the painting that I purchased as a 21 year old. My friend, who was an artist, took me to a gallery and began teaching me about art for my home and I came home with this small painting. In another room I have a watercolor that my friend did for me.
  • The garden stone from my oldest son and his wife that reminds me daily to find strength and courage in the Lord (Psalm 31:24).
  • I’m drinking from a mug that was a present from my youngest son and his wife, that encourages me to rejoice and be glad in the Lord (Psalms 118:23-25).
  • The wood carvings that Mac did: the bearded man and the mushrooms. I marvel at how he could see art in hunks of branches on the ground.

All of this reminded me that while I may be “alone”, I am never alone. There are my loving parents who guided me, and put up with me, all those years; grandparents that were all a major part of my life and provided a safe haven for me; friends that have filled my life with joy and laughter; in-laws that raised a little boy to become a wonderful man and loving husband; “kids” who have brought laughter, love and joy into my life for many years; a husband who loved me unconditionally for 40 years and filled my life with so very much; and a Savior who loved me before I was created, and loves me still, and always will—even when I fail Him and pull away. 

Truly my life is rich. It’s been filled with love and joy, and I have hope for my eternal future. I am content and so very thankful.

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