Friday, August 21, 2015

Doing a good job-the GUILT box

Mac always told me, “God brought us together so that I could drive you crazy.” Then he’d look at me over the top of his glasses, with a little smile on his face and he’d chuckle as he said, “Apparently, I’m doing a good job.”

It seems he’s still doing a good job of it. Ha!

Today I was in the garage looking at the clean up project that I’m facing and grinding my teeth. There are over two dozen boxes that landed in the garage in May 2005, and have never been opened; in fact, some of them are starting to fall apart from the weather. They all contain ‘Mac Stuff’, but Mac never kept a detailed list of what is in each box, so they are all mystery boxes. Mysteries left for me as Mac never was interested in digging through them, and always said, “Some day when I’ve nothing better to do”. Today as I shuffled them around, I came across a box on which I’d written ‘MAC’ in several places, and on one side the word GUILT was written in large red letters with a marker. I vaguely remember marking the box, but I sure didn’t remember what was in it. I also remember that at one time it sat in a rather prominent place in the garage, where we saw it every time we walked into the garage. I thought Mac had emptied it since it had disappeared, but I should have known better. haha He simply tucked it away out of sight.

I had a good laugh as I dug into the box. Mostly computer books, a VHS tape for an old NES game, plus some drawing pencils and a mug, and a bucket load of dead bugs. However, the best item was a hardcover copy of The Code Breakers by David Kahn. Mac had read this book back in 1980 or so and found it quite interesting. A few years ago he wanted to read it again and he had me buy him another copy because he couldn’t find his copy. HAHAHA

“Hey, Mac, I found your book!” 

Because computers are marvels at letting you search for words within documents, I just searched on my iMac for GUILT. Sure enough I found this journal entry from October 2006:

I got out of the car, looked around at the mess in the garage, came in the house, changed my clothes and went out to work. I sorted through or emptied 16 boxes. Some of the boxes were consolidated and marked for our upper storage area. One box was a delight to open, especially since Mac had come out to the garage to check on me—everything in it was his! LOL! Yup, he must have asked me to pack it, and so it wound up on my list for the move. I took out 2 things: a cookbook and a music box and then I remarked the box. It now says “MAC” in several places and … GUILT on one side. hehehe

So here I am 8 years and 10 months later sorting through the GUILT box and laughing—laughing out loud by myself in the garage. Here I thought the word GUILT would encourage Mac to clean out his boxes. Nope, he just continued to joyfully ignore all those boxes—and he especially ignored the guilt box. 

Thanks, Mac, for all the years of joy and laughter, and for continuing to drive me crazy and make me laugh.

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